Fibrous Plaster Systems

This is a traditional form of plasterwork that has enhanced most buildings throughout the ages. The possibilities with fibrous systems are limitless, and can transform a room with spectacular effect, giving depth to a room or bringing an area to life.
Whether modern or period designs, plain or ornate, high or low relief, this versatile material can be moulded and cast to suit any requirements. Fibrous plasterwork, although a generally cheaper and faster way to accomplish your visions, is still relatively unknown and consequently under-utilised on most contracts worldwide.


The raw materials, and the drying process of Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG), make this a lightweight material particularly suited to sharper and larger designs for example, bulkheads, column castings and lighting troughs. Hardened plasters can also be introduced in the production of pieces for areas prone to high levels of wear and tear, or “traffic”, such as shopping malls. Glass Reinforced Polyester/Plastic (GRP) is also a lightweight material, but for external use as a substance for stonework etc. Again, it is popular due to its versatility. It can be coloured to eliminate the need to paint, or simply to match an existing design. The dense finish means this is very robust making it resilient to impact and damage. GRP is mainly used to construct porticos, external columns, pilasters and cornice, as plain or decorative as desired, giving that touch of elegance to any building.


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